Kamihata Exploration Party

What's "Kamihata Exploration Party"?

Exploration is truly wonderful! By cultivating mind and energy to endure severe life at an unexplored area, one can acquire physical and spiritual strength, and by meeting people who have different standard for judgment, one can acquire a wide outlook on the world The members of the exploration party learn how human beings live together with other creatures in true sense and acquire consciousness of the real purpose to collect research data SHIGEZO KAMIHATA

Kamihata performs research activities by so-called "Kamihata Exploration Party". Chairman Kamihata, being the chief of the party, together with world famous adventurers or researchers who join by turns every year and young members of the company staff, goes out for unexplored areas.

Let's say Amazon. For those in tropical fish business, Amazon is considered almost same as a sacred place. Also Irian Jaya that is said to be the most unexplored land, Venezuela that has a mysterious waterway "Casiquiare", Guyana Highlands that is said to be the last unexplored area in South America, Sumatra Island of Indonesia where untouched nature remains, and Lake Malawi that is filled with water in Great Rift Valley area in the eastern part of the African continent, etc.

The main purpose of "Kamihata Exploration Party" that keeps exploring unexplored areas of the world and investigating new species of tropical fish is to research and record ecosystems of fishes that are in danger of extinction and creatures that are not yet clearly known. The result has been introduced in professional monthly magazines such as "Fish Magazine", and "Aqua Life". It has also been introduced in the world famous magazine "Tropical Fish Hobbyist".

"Kamihata Exploration Party" is now becoming to play a role to form Kamihata's spiritual climate that pursues dreams and romanticism.

  • New Guiana Manberamo plain

    New Guiana
    Manberamo plain

  • Sumatra island Jambi

    Sumatra island

  • New Guiana Manberamo water syustem

    New Guiana
    Manberamo water syustem

The True-Life Jungle Adventure of ¨ KAMIHATA in search of Tropical Fish


This is the record of adventures full of dreams that Mr. S. Kamihata, Founder of KAMIHATA Fish Group, who is a pioneer that introduced Nishikigoi to the world, visited native places of tropical fish on the hot earth that leave a primeval shape, and developed right at the equator with company staff who are tough and full of pursuing spirit.

Full of precious photo valuable for ichthyology, geography, zoology, botany and folklore.
A5 hardback book
424 pages, full color
The True-Life Jungle Adventure of ¨ KAMIHATA in search of Tropical Fish


  • 1. Brazil & Peru
    The First Jungle Trek in the Unexplored Amazon
  • 2. Colombia
    Searching Guerrilla Territory for Wild Tropical Fish
  • 3. Guyana
    Collecting the Dog-Ganged Kashoro Fish at the River at Night
  • 4. Venezuela
    Standing in the Lost World of the Guyana Highlands
  • 5. Malawi
    Lake Malawi: A Crystal Clear Treasure Chest of Fish
  • 6. Kenya
    Traveling Through Africa's Great Rift Valley
  • 7. Myanmar
    Pursuing a New Species in this Buddhist Country's Holy Irruwaddy River
  • 8. Irian Jaya, Indonesia
    raveling to the Obscure Tribe of Manberamo
  • 9. Irian Jaya, Indonesia
    White Mother Earth
  • 10. Irian Jaya, Indonesia
    Studying the Habitat of the Rare Pig-Nose Turtle
  • 11. Kalimantan, Indonesia
    Searching for Wild Asian Arowana in Borneo
  • 12. Kalimantan, Indonesia
    Traveling to East Kalimantan on the Island of Borneo
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