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Greetings from the CEO

To protect something valuable ...


CEO Michiko Kamihata

Kamihata Fish Industry Group, is lucky to be able to conduct business, while benefiting from nature's bounty.

Since our founding, we have offered quality products and services to our customers, some of which include: breeding and trading of aquarium fish; development, production and sales of aquatic diets in Japan and abroad; creation of ideal breeding environments. We see it as our duty to explore business opportunities and fully exploit their potential through joint collaboration with our customers, bearing In mind that they are useful and indispensable to us.

Our ongoing focus is to “offer only the best solutions to creating nutritional sources and ideal living conditions when uslng those sources for our beloved aquatic pets.” To this end and to assure we exceed the expectations of customers, we continue to capitalize on each employee's originality and individuality in an effort to achieve this goal.

With four affiliates in Japan and three abroad, through cooperation Kamihata Fish Industry Group is committed to providing completely safe and effective products, while developing and creating an aquatic environment fish can successful prosper while allowing humans to Interact with them.

Group founder's feelings

More than two million years have past since man arrived on earth.
I believe until recent time...


The speed of every day life has been comparable to that of a 5km per hour walk, gently flowing like the Amazon River.

Today with the constant development of technology, our social system is bringing about a faster paced, less comfortable way of life. Our life's tempo has become so fast that it's as if we are flying through time. Unfortunately, our physical state cannot progress with technology, hence the unnatural speed and urgency leaves us with relentless stress.

To ease some of this stress, I feel there is a need to be as closely associated with nature as possible. In a sense, we can offer our contribution to our customers through natural, healthy life found in an aquarium.

The need for "stress relief" through successful aquarium keeping will only increase in the future. It has been our mission over the past 12 decades to provide products to help bring about this success and in the future we will remain focused on doing no less.

Each company profiles


  • Michiko Kamihata, President
  • Hiroko Kamihata, Senior Executive Director
  • Yukitoshi Yamanaka, Executive Director
  • Naoyuki Yamamoto, Executive Director
  • Nasuo Tsuda, Executive Director
  • Keita Harada, Director
  • Keisuke Murakami, Director


Aim: Culture of ornamental fish and their wholesale : wholesale of their aquarium accessories/equipment;import of ornamental fish and aquarium accessories/equipment
Established: in 1877
Incorporated: 01, 1961
Capital: JP¥14,425,000
Principal Office: 9, Shirogane-machi, Himeji City, Hyogo
Employees: 157


Aim: Development and wholesale of feeds mainly for ornamental fish, their aquarium accessories/equipment; export of ornamental fish food and aquarium accessories
Incorporated: November 01, 1967
Capital: JP¥10,000,000
Principal Office: 9, Shirogane-machi, Himeji City, Hyogo
Employees: 78


Aim: Development and production of pet feeds, special feeds
Incorporated: February 03, 1979
Capital: JP¥45,000,000
Principal Office: 9, Shirogane-machi, Himeji City, Hyogo
Employees: 96
Annual production Capacity: 7,000 tons